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Homeowners in the market for a new roof can learn an important lesson from the cautionary tale of “The Yellow House”—a mascot for the ill-advised homeowner representing everything that can go wrong when making any decision regarding your home too hastily. This story centers around a two-story house that was painted a hue of yellow that can only be described as ‘Big Bird’. The roof of this house had been in some disrepair for a while and the owners finally decided it was time to take the plunge and get it replaced. There was a lot of gossip circulating through the neighborhood regarding this particular remodel because the lady of the house had hired a team of contractors to bring her “vision” to life, allegedly ignoring their pleas that it was impractical and shouldn’t be done. But finally, after a month of relentless tinkering at the crack of dawn, the much-anticipated roof was installed. To the abject horror of the Home Owner’s Association, it was made of neon tile that matched the canary color of the house. Nestled garishly into the tiles was a mirrored sun mosaic that cast blinding shafts of light at passing drivers. This golden blight became a landmark of ridicule amongst the neighborhood children, not to mention their parents, who would sneer whenever it was mentioned. And just as the contractors had predicted when advising Mrs. Crowley against her vision, the mirrored pieces of the mosaic were fragile and costly to maintain. Within a few years “The Yellow House” had fallen back into disrepair.

Clearly a roof does a lot more than protect the interior of your home—it also has a tremendous impact on its entire aesthetic and should not be taken lightly. Never forget the story of “The Yellow House” and remember that the decision to buy a roof is an investment for your home and your family! Two of the highest-quality materials currently used in the roofing industry, and found on some of the most elite homes, are Metal and Tile.

If You’re Looking for Top Durability with Little-to-no Maintenance, and the Best of the Best in Style, then you are likely a “Metal Profile”:

Metal Roofing Defined:


Metal roofing is traditionally found on Southern-style homes. Lately however, contemporary homeowners have been using metal on roofs to bring to life artistic aesthetics they’ve created.


Metal roofing is available in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper andiron (although iron roofing is found most commonly in sheds, and less frequently in personal residences). When deciding if this is the right option for you, light sleepers living in stormy regions should keep in mind that metal roofs are noisy when it’s raining.


When you pay for metal roofing on your house, you can expect it last at least as long as you live in the home. Unsurprisingly, metal roofs are durable and long-lasting. There have been copper roofs known to last hundreds of years on a home before being replaced.


The truly great thing about metal roofing is how low-maintenance it is. After installation, it basically requires little-to-no care. Materials are easily fabricated and equally easy to repair. Another major bonus to opting for a metal roof is the fact that metal can be installed OVER existing shingles, rendering it an easy option when deciding to replace an old roof.


If You Want Your Home to be the “Stand-Out” on Your Block and Have the Longest-Lasting Roofing Material on the Market, You’re Likely a “Tile Profile”:


Tile Roofing Defined:


Homes with tile roofing evoke a Mediterranean/South American vibe that is very common in elite contemporary households. Almost all today’s luxury homes sport tile roofs, as it is truly the best on the market.


Tile roofing is most commonly made from ceramic tile, but can also be found in styles that mimic slate and wood. Work with a contractor or roofing professional to decide which style works best with your home’s aesthetic.


The lifespan of a tile roof is long, and can sometimes last over 100 years. This goes back to the premise of viewing your roof as an investment—you may be shelling out a pretty penny for the costlier material, but by the same token you won’t need to worry about replacing it every fifteen years or so.


Due to its well-known durability, tile roofs require minimal maintenance in most non-extreme climates. You’ll still have to clear your gutters, but tile will at least relieve you of some of the bigger pain points of roof maintenance, such as painting.

Choosing the right roof for your home can be a stressful decision but it can also be relaxed and forever. Thankfully, there are experienced industry professionals that can help guide you through your journey and enable you to bring your vision to life. Put your home into the hands of a company you can trust–contact Ad-ler Roofing Inc., family owned and operated in Southwest Florida since 1988. Give us a call at 1-844-MYADLER to receive your free estimate. 

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