What Method Is the Best for Attaching Roof Tiles?

Are you familiar with the options for attaching roof tiles?

Do you like the look of tile roofing?

Are you considering a tile roof?

Tile roofing can be a great choice especially if you live in Florida or the Southwest. This timeless roofing solution offers longevity, style, and resistance to fire and rot, while leaving a positive environmental impact.

Determining the best method to use when attaching the roof tiles does require some research though.

Here are FIVE of the most common methods to consider:

  1. Mortar Down Application – Uses a mixture of building and sharp sand with cement mix. This method has been largely abandoned after Hurricane Andrew came through – too many problems with a mortar set installation and high-winds.
  2. Double Nail Down Application – Uses two ring shank nails. This method has been disappearing from the roofing industry.
  3. Screw Down Application – Uses one or two screws depending on the wind speed. These screws can also be upgraded to stainless steel. This method is by far the most frequently used method of installing roof tiles.
  4. Single Component Foam and Two Component Foam Adhesive – Uses foam adhesive. This method is the best way to install a tile roof as it is less abusive on your underlayment.
  5. Hybrid Roofing System – Uses screws and foam. Recently Eagle Roof tile received data on the Hybrid Roofing System, it holds up to the wind very well. This system has a good “middle of the road” price point!

Time to make that final decision of which method of attachment is the right one for your tile roofing? Don’t worry; a professional roofer will guide you through the process.

Work With the Best

Assure you are working with an experienced, highly trained, professional roofing contractor that takes the time to explain and educate you on each method.

Understanding the “pros” and “cons” of each method will help narrow down the best way to attach your roof tiles.

Ad-Ler Roofing, Inc. – We Love What We Do!

With over 38 years of experience and training and the use of cutting edge technology, we have always made our client’s safety our #1 priority!

Listening, explaining and making sure you understand all the “pros” and “cons” of your roofing decision is second nature to us. Our clients love the way we educate them as we go through the process, making sure they completely understand what is being done.

Since Ad-Ler Roofing, Inc. is a licensed and insured full-service roofing company, we also offer roof maintenanceroof repair, and roof replacement services.

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