What is Foam Adhesive?

Are you familiar with the roofing process?

Do you know how roof tiles are adhered to the roof deck correctly?

Have you heard of foam adhesive?

So many people are not aware of the importance the adhesive has when securing tiles to the roof deck.

They forget that the correct adhesive with a tile roof plays a major role in protecting their home from the elements. Without proper wind uplift resistance and protection from all types of the weather, the roof deck can be compromised and start to leak.

The last thing you want is a leak! It can be the beginning of a number of serious problems.

Foam adhesive is considered, by many roofers, to be a complete solution for a tile roof system. Due to its fast setting and high performance, this expanding polyurethane adhesive enables a quick, effective bonding.

Foam adhesive is known for:

•   durability
•   ease of use
•   superior bonding
•   good strength-to-weight ratio
•   withstanding the weather
•   affordability
•   environmentally being safe

It is a one-time application, and it is less abusive on the tile roof’s underlayment.

The foam adhesive comes in a premix one-component solution and a two-component system, offered by both Dow and 3M.

What’s the difference between one-component and two-component foam?

•   Single or one-component foam comes in a one can. Works with the moisture in the atmosphere to cure in 10 to 20 minutes, and has a lower expansion rate than the two-component foam.
•  Two-component foam comes in a kit with two cans, with separate chemicals that are mixed once the kit is activated – by a trained applicator. Then it is dispensed through a special unit and cures within a few minutes. It has a greater expansion rate the one-component foam.

Safety Comes First

It is extremely important to follow the safety precautions when working with either foam.

Understanding the process, having a well-ventilated area, and dispensing foam while wearing the appropriate clothing and using the correct equipment are essential!

Hiring a Professional Roofer

Whenever you encounter a small roofing issue, major roof repair or re roof, it’s time to hire a professional roofing company.

Stop! Before you hire any roofing contractor make sure you do your homework:

•   Are they licensed and insured?
•   Do they have years of experience and training?
•   Do they care about the safety of your home, as well as your family?
•   Have you checked their reviews?

Dealing with a company that is not licensed and insured can leave you liable if anything happens while they are on your roof or property.

Lack of experience and training can leave you with less than desirable outcomes.

Safety must be a number one priority!

Remember – Don’t forget to check their reviews, it is a good first step to validating their authenticity.

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