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Are you familiar with a roof warranty?

Do you understand the terms used in the warranty?

Having a new roof installed is a big investment. Knowing exactly what is covered by the roofing manufacturers’ warranty, as well as your roofing contractors’ warranty, can save you time and money in the event there is a problem.

Understanding the terminology and the process of how to properly maintain your roof, especially roof tiles that are more prevalent in Florida,  can be challenging. That is, if you are not working with a roofing company that is experienced in giving sound advice.


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Ad-Ler Roofing Makes an Industry Leading Offer!

Register your Ad-Ler Roofing roof warranty online, and get an additional year for FREE!

Once the Ad-Ler team has completed your roofing project, you can register your warranty online to extend it for an additional year for FREE! Experience our unparalleled service first-hand!

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Licensed, Insured, and Experienced

At Ad-Ler Roofing, we are licensed and insured with over 50+ years of experience in working with roofs and warranties. Not only are we authorized for completing most factory warranty roof work, but also for new roof installations and re roofs.

We maintain excellent relationships with all of our manufacturers and have a clear understanding of the manufacturers’ warranties, which we share with you.

Education and Guidance – A Top Priority

When you hire the Ad-Ler team, you become part of our family. Our team understands how beneficial it is for you to have all your warranty questions answered by our professionals.

Our goal – to educate you so that you’ll have a complete understanding of how your warranties work and how to maintain your roof to keep your home and family safe for years to come.

Together, we make sure you are making sound decisions that protect your home and family, while increasing your roof’s lifespan. Implementing these decisions also helps you save money.

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