Roofing Underlayment – Why Is It Important?

Do you know a roof is the most important part of your home?

Are you familiar with how the proper roofing underlayment can extend the life of your roof?

Are you aware of the importance of compatibility between the roofing underlayment and YOUR roofing cover?

Your roof plays a huge role in protecting your family, your prized possessions, and the entire structure of your home.

Roofing underlayment, which prevents wind-driven rain or water from infiltrating under your shingles, tiles, etc., prevents damage to your roof deck. When properly installed, it can extend the life of your roof. All roofs are not the same though. You’ll need underlayment that is compatible with your specific roof covering.

Within the roofing system, underlayment is considered the primary moisture barrier. It is installed between the roof deck and the roof covering.

Underlayment is water resistant, it protects the roof deck from water damage and keeps moisture from growing both during the roof installation and the life of the roof. The underlayment is protected from UV rays and the harsh weather by the roof covering.

That is if the underlayment material has been properly matched to YOUR roof covering and has been installed correctly. Poor workmanship, and non-compatibility between the underlayment and roof covering can accelerate the deterioration of your roof.

Working with a professional roofer is the key to assure that this does not happen. With today’s advancements in roofing underlayment materials, it is smart to have a professional roofer choose the right materials for you.

Other factors that impact the choice of your roofing underlayment are:

•   Climate Roof
•   Design
•   Building Codes
•   Fire Rating

Working With a Professional Roofer

Choose a professional roofer who has “hands-on” experience and thoroughly understands all the factors involved. A professional who is aware of and utilizes all the advancements in roofing underlayment.

When you look for a professional roofer, their experience and knowledge about the roofing industry are a high priority, but make sure you don’t stop there!


•   Are they licensed and insured?
•   To see their license and insurance documents.
•   For a list of references to call to assure the roofing company is authentic.

If they don’t carry the proper insurance, you will be liable for any accidents that they may incur when working on your roof or property.

Ask to be educated about the roofing system, especially roofing underlayment. A professional roofer will take the time to explain to you the advancements in underlayment material, what the options are for your specific roof and answer all your questions.

With that being said, if you feel overwhelmed with the entire process and more comfortable leaving the decision making to a professional, that’s OK too!

No worries. Work with the Ad-Ler Roofing professionals, we will be happy to accommodate you!

Ad-Ler Roofing, Inc. – Continuing a Family Tradition

At Ad-Ler, we understand just how important your roof is. Our team is trained and uses only the best practices in selecting the proper materials for your roof installation, including the roofing underlayment.

With over 38 years of experience and training, our professional roofers share realistic solutions with you when it is time to choose your underlayment or meet any other of your roofing needs.

Ad-Ler Roofing is a full service roofing company that understands you are looking for quality, but that cost is also a concern. We offer reasonable options.

When you work with the Ad-Ler team, expect to be treated like family. We care about your home as much as you do!

You and your family’s safety is always our #1 priority!

People love to work with us. We’re known for taking the time to explain the roofing process, answer all your questions, and making sure you understand what is being done and why.

YES – we are licensed and insured, and would love to give you a list of references to call.

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Want to work with a team that loves their job? You’ve come to the right place!

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