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Exceptional Service From Ad-Ler Roofing

I have been in the home building industry for over 30 years and for the vast majority of those years I have worked with Ad-Ler Roofing. Quite simply I have done so because I have never had a bad experience with Ad-Ler Roofing. Regardless of the market, Tampa, Orlando, or the Ft. Myers/Naples market, the service from Ad-Ler Roofing is the same: exceptional. I believe you will find that along with the exceptional service from Ad-Ler their pricing is also very competitive.

The main reason I work with Ad-Ler Roofing is that they are a company that stands behind their work. I should know because I have worked with three generations of Currier’s and from the father to the son and to the grandson, and their word is their bond. A handshake is all it takes, and you can count on the Currier’s and Ad-Ler Roofing to come through, as promised; and these days that is a rare commodity.

I can without hesitation recommend Ad-Ler Roofing to anyone.

Tim Oak
V.P. of Operations
Michelangelo Custom Homes