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Ad-Ler Roofing Spreads the Christmas Spirit

Hi Gloria,

My team and I were reflecting on some of the ups and downs of the Season here so far at the store. One of the bright points that was shared was your visit. Several Team Members commented on how great it is that your company is taking care of your employees with the gift of Toys R Us gift cards. (really it didn’t matter that the cards were for our store, just the gesture in general). Of course on the business side of things we are very grateful that you chose our store/company for the gift card option.

Kaci and Stephanie who helped you with the transaction must have talked quite a bit about it, since numerous team members were aware of the transaction. Thanks for being part of one of the “good stories” here this year… and thanks again for choosing our store.

All the best,

David Holland
Toys R Us
Fort Myers