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What Makes Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tiles Low Maintenance?

Are you looking for an affordable roof tile that keeps your roof looking as good as the day it was installed?

Do you want a roof tile that is free of mildew and is resistant to the tough weather conditions in Florida?

Have you had the opportunity to look at a Tettogres ceramic roof tiled home?

Finding the “perfect” roof tile for your home can be difficult.

There are so many things for you to consider: durability, price, availability, color, installation and warranty.

Why struggle for the answer when there’s already a product that can meet your needs?

Tettogres ceramic roof tiles are referred to as the next-generation ceramic roof tiles. They are low maintenance.

Using a high technology called SemiGres, these tiles have many of the traditional ceramic tile aspects but they are blended with some new advances in technology.

Before – Standard Cement Tile

Before – Standard Cement Tile

Some of the advantages of Tettogres tiles:

– lower water absorption,
– increased physical strength,
– better insulating capacity,
– lifetime finish.

Ad-Ler Roofing Inc. just completed a re roof for one of our first homes in Fort Myers using the Tettogres ceramic roof tiles.


After – Unique Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tile Spanish “S” in “Milan Blend”

See the “before and after” photos, (right), for a unique roof completed with Spanish “S” tile in the “Milan Blend”!

The “after” photo shows a mixture of three different colors: caramel, raven and ivory, which together create a beautiful “one of a kind” look! (Click on photos to enlarge them.)

Tettogres ceramic roof tiles have so much to offer!

Just imagine the possibilities for your roof. Not only are Tettogres ceramic tiles durable, but they’re affordable.

They offer the benefits of a self-cleaning roof, with a promise of a lifetime of beauty. The blending of tradition and technology creates beautiful ceramic roof tiles.

Their high impermeability makes them mildew and residue resistant.

The affordability and the availability of so many quality colors to choose from allows you to customize your roof for a reasonable price.

These tiles are force resistance, you can walk on them without cracking them. Added insulation and the lighter weight per piece allows you to save $$$ while experiencing an easier installment.

Tettogres ceramic roof tiles have an impressive warranty. When you work with them you’ll have “peace of mind”.

You will love the added value they bring to your home!

Tettogres began in 1983 in a small town in Brazil where they found the best clay mines!

They started out with white clay roof tiles, which over the years allowed them to be nationally recognized for quality, distribution, and service and became the nation’s leader in the segment.

Their continuous commitment to excellence enabled Tettogres to advance its production process and diverse their product line, introducing the ceramic roof tiles. These ceramic roof tiles have revolutionized the tile industry in Brazil.

Tettogres ceramic roof tiles are produced with a similar technology to the one used in the process of ceramic tiling.

In other words, the micro granulated argillite is heavily compacted and goes through a “single firing” baking process at temperatures over 2,084 degrees F. This advanced production process gives to Tettogres Ceramic Tiles superior characteristics such as low water absorption, great mechanical resistance, and low weight per piece. In addition to quality, beauty, and thermal comfort, our ceramic tiles are more resistant to cracking, the onslaught of salinization, hail and varying temperatures.

Tettogres ceramic roof tiles come in two profiles, the Spanish “S” and a Flat tile. Both the Spanish “S” and Flat are available in 8 colors.

With the Spanish “S”, Tettogres has created the seed for a global trend, beginning in Brazil, by pioneering the international Blend. Inspired by the colors of cities marking the history of the world, these are unique compositions that mix different colored tiles together to create a visually rich, colorful and attractive roof.

The Flat provides a modern design and Tettogres can also develop custom colors for customers.

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