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Profile Spotlight

Ryan Gartrell – Chief Operations Officer & Director of Safety

Years in Business: 13 YearsRyan Gartrell - Safety Director

Background/Education: Bachelor Degree in Occupational Health & Safety. Specialized in health and safety in construction and the workplace, OSHA and Occupational Health.

Prior Experience: Most recently Director of Safety in the cellular industry for Sprint/Nextel from Northern Virginia and Florida.

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Years in Florida: 7 Years

Hobbies: Master Scuba Diver, Licensed Coast Guard Captain, Photography, Real Estate Investing

Greatest Accomplishment: Preventing accidents in the workplace and making it safe for employees. A successful 13-year career in the cellular industry with very minimal accidents.

Key to Success: Mixing my experience with my abilities to work with and listen to all employees and their needs.

Quote: “Treat everyone like I want to be treated.”

Favorite Part of Job: Interaction with people. No two days are the same, always talking to someone new.

What You Do For Ad-Ler: Together with an amazing team of talented people I manage the day-to-day operations of Ad-Ler Roofing & the Currier Family of Businesses as well directing all safety operations withing the company. I educate all employees on safety and health in the workplace.

Ensuring that the Ad-Ler Roofing, Inc. will be one of the first companies in the roofing industry to lead and innovate safety for their employees and in turn delivering a safe product to their customers.

Updating and creating an “industry specific” Safety Operational Manual.

Lobbying local, state and federal government authorities to bring personal responsibility to OSHA violations.

Creating a Safety Data Manual in regards to the safe handling of all the equipment and the materials that our employees use on a daily basis.

Protection of the company’s assets: People first, property second!


Glenn Martin – Service Manager

Glenn Martin Years in Business: 30 Years

Years in Florida: 50 Years

Hobbies: Fishing! Loves to fish in the many fishing tournaments around SW Florida!

Keys to Success: Continues to plug away and get things done quickly and efficiently!

Quote: “Good work ain’t cheap…Cheap work ain’t good!”

Background: Glenn’s stepfather was a property manager who asked if there were any positions open at Ad-Ler Roofing as Glenn was living on the east coast of Florida going to Vo-Tech and working part time roofing to make extra money. He interviewed with Eddie Currier and was hired to start working as a roofer!

Glenn was developed and home-grown with Ad-Ler. With Ad-Ler Glenn started out on the roof and with his willingness to listen, take responsibility and his knowledge, he quickly became a crew chief and then a supervisor.

Glenn is excellent of not only holding his people accountable but communicating with his service crews. You always know where you stand with Glenn.

While leading his service teams, Glenn also does the estimates and goes out to meet with the homeowners who are in need of repairs or a reroof. Even though Glenn is an excellent salesperson, he is out there to inform the customer of what their best options are for their home and family, not to sell them just any service.

What’s really great about the job he does as an estimator is the many years experience that he has had on the roof, he knows exactly what to look for, recognizes the true problems and offers the best solutions to take care of the customers roofing needs! As a matter of fact, when customers call in for repairs many of them ask for Glenn as they remembered him putting on their roof years ago!

Glenn is an integral part of the Ad-Ler team and our continued success. There is no one better in the industry to care for your roof!

At Ad-Ler Roofing, Inc., we proudly assist families and builders with all their roofing needs in Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, West Side of Orlando, Southwest Florida, and Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Contact us or call 1-844-MY-ADLER