5 Things to consider when Buying a new Roof

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Those looking into options for replacing or installing a new roof on their home know what a daunting and overwhelming task it can seem.  With so many options, how we are to know which is the one for us? A recent infographic conducted by MinWhat.com indicates that when making high-dollar purchases, 81% of modern consumers admit to heavily researching an item before finally dropping the cash, with knowledge now literally at our fingertips in the form of a smartphone, the contemporary shopper knows that he or she can do their homework before choosing to shell out hard-earned money.  The decision to buy a new roof is house, the investment in your roof costs a lot of money.  Making a smart choice is important.  Your roof not only protects your home, keeping you and your loved ones safe, but also helps define the aesthetic of your home.  To aid in your roofing journey, here are the five factors you should always keep in mind when making any major decisions.

  1. Style—

Much as it would if you had a giant pink flamingo spray-painted on the side of your house, choosing the wrong roof style for your home can negatively impact the aesthetic appearance of your home.  Roofing styles come in varied shape and styles that all help to define the look of your home- gables, hip-roofs, A-frames, and modern flat tops are a few of the roofing options the modern homeowner can choose from.  Deciding which style works for you and your family is as personal as choosing a haircut.  You have to find the one that not only suits the needs of your home, but that also aligns with your vibe. Always consult a roofing expert or designer when making important structural decisions.

  1. Material—

The material of your roof is another factor that can drastically affect your home’s aesthetic appeal- shingles, wood shake, tile, and metal are the most common.  Again, certain materials have longer lifespans and should affect which option is right for your home.  Are you willing to spend more for a roof that will last 100 years? Or are you okay paying less and replacing the roof every decade or so? If in doubt, consult a roofing expert to help guide you through these sensitive decisions.

  1. Cost—

With any major purchase, you need to asses whether you’re operating on a Bentley budget, a BMW budget.  Buying a roof is no different.  The average cost of roofing materials can range anywhere from the lower end of the spectrum- asphalt shingles to the significantly pricier tiles.  Figure out what works for your budget.

  1. Lifespan—

Paying for a roof is one of the costlier investments you will make in your lifetime, and it’s one you probably don’t want to make too many times.  As mentioned, cost plays a huge role in choosing what type of roof you want, but it’s important to keep in mind the clichéd but true adage, “you get what you pay for”.  It might seem the most cost-effective route to opt for asphalt shingles but keep in mind you’ll be replacing them every fifteen years or so.  Likewise, a slate tile roof might cost you a pretty penny but can outlive your children.

  1. Maintenance—

Much like adopting a dog, maintenance is a factor that should be considered when choosing what type of roof you want.  Maybe you’ve always wanted an athletic dog, but you know that you spend too much time at the office and simply don’t have time to maintain that level of activity—a roof is no different.  Always factor in the upkeep, and whether it seems manageable.  Keep the following questions in mind when deciding: are there lot of overhanging trees in your neighborhood that could potentially cause build up of debris in the gutters? Do you live in a humid climate where mildew growth could occur? Are you willing and able to make small repairs yourself, or will need to hire a professional to do so?

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